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Katie Piper Foundation - Beautiful Ball

Last night we attended The Katie Piper Foundation’s Beautiful Ball. The pictures I have posted here are perhaps a little misleading as they give no sense of the purpose of the ball. 

The Katie Piper Foundation help people with burns and scars to reconnect with their lives and their communities. Even that sentence can’t convey to you the incredible life changing work they do. To be permanently scarred or disfigured is the kind of horror most of us can’t imagine. I am so humbled by the inner strength of those that manage to rebuild their lives after this. It’s truly inspirational and put’s all life’s trivial worries into perspective.

So, last night at The Landmark Hotel in Marylebone The KP Foundation held their Beautiful Ball and a lot of money was raised for the most worthy of causes. It was, as promised, a beautiful evening and we had the pleasure of meeting some really wonderful people. 

Even if you aren’t in the position to be able to support the charity I really feel everyone should be aware of them and the incredible work they do. If you wake up each day to a scar free face and body the least you can do is to be fully aware and informed of the hardship faced by those who’s lives are changed for ever. If the world see’s you for you, and not for something that has happened to you, you are truly lucky. People with burns and scars want to be accepted by society and often people don’t know how to respond to them. I think if we understood a little more about what they feel about the world we would feel better equipped to see past the scars and treat them as we would any other friend. Please, please take nine minutes to watch the video - it’s the very least you can do and you will be making a difference.

Katie Piper Foundation Video - There are of course some distressing scenes - be brave, they had to be.


Clockwise - The Raven Quartet, me with Brooke and Jade Kinsella, Claire Sweeney and the gorgeous Katie Piper


Me and my gorgeous man


Hair and makeup by Sarah Burrows - who works magic with her brushes

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